We’re delighted to introduce you to Colin Fielding as our Volunteer Voice for May.
Colin is a warden at Castlefield and Rowliff woods and was Volunteer of the Season for Winter 2022-23.
Colin has been volunteering with Chiltern Rangers since September, but his body is telling him that it’s been longer!
After retiring early at 57 from a windowless factory, Colin loves to be outside and one of his favourite activities is making ornate dead hedges.
He has no favourite flora/fauna but enjoys just being out in the autumnal colours and has got more satisfaction from assisting in the woodlands than he ever did from work!
An interesting fact about Colin’s family, one of which he is very proud, is that his great grandfather was one of the Victoria Cross recipients at Rorke’s Drift, as depicted in the film ‘Zulu’.
His advice about volunteering with Chiltern Rangers is just ‘DO IT’


If you would like to volunteer with us, please call 01494 474486 or email info@chilternrangers.co.uk.  Or visit our volunteering page for more information: https://chilternrangers.co.uk/be-a-conservation-volunteer/