Steve Davis kicks off the New Year Volunteer Voice and we are delighted to share his passion and enthusiasm for Chiltern Rangers.  Thanks Steve for being an amazing volunteer and bringing your team along with you whenever you can!

Steve lives in Aylesbury and has been volunteering with Chiltern Rangers Since September 2020.  He has a wood turning lathe, and when he’s not out volunteering, enjoys collecting different wood from conservation work where some interesting grain, patterns and colours can be found to produce attractive items.



Here’s what Steve had to say about volunteering with us:

I started volunteering as I developed a feeling of needing to give something back. I started at the Chiltern Open Air Museum in 2008, where I volunteer mainly with the estates team. Later on I heard about the Chiltern Rangers and as am sure it is true for many once I’d met the legend that is John Shaw I became hooked. His passion and drive in infectious and I challenge anyone to  spend time with him and the other rangers and not be captivated. I enjoy like the way we work on different sites all around the county, all with their own charm, places I would not otherwise have known about. I also enjoy returning to the same site to see how what we did previously has produced.

I have enjoyed all the sessions with Chiltern Rangers.  The Be A Ranger Day with my old team at work was a highlight as it was the first time we’d all come together since lock down and we were like children let out at play time – so much energy and fun and we worked super hard as well!

I’m not great with plants or animals, but that doesn’t matter, as there’s always someone else who knows what that tree is, or what that caterpillar will turn into. So I don’t worry about not knowing what they are and just enjoy knowing I’m a part of making things better for them. Working in Highways for much of my life and experiencing problems relating to trees I am encouraged by the Rangers approach regarding ‘right tree, right place’, rather than just planting anything anywhere. Its good to be thinking of this to help prevent potential problems for someone else long after we’re gone!

If you are  thinking about volunteering with Chiltern Rangers just Do It! It is so rewarding, making new friends who share a passion for improving our environment, having a ‘green’ workout, it helps both mind and body. All the Rangers are so friendly and supportive and give all the guidance you need, even if you know nothing at all – it’s a great way to learn new things. Also much tea and biscuits to consume 🙂


If you would like to volunteer with us, please call 01494 474486 or email  Or visit our volunteering page for more information: