Trial site 5 Young Roots at Funges Meadow Local Nature Reserve

by | Sep 25, 2019 |

Launch at Funges Meadow May 2016

This special nature reserve hosted two conservation villages at this special local nature reserve. It is a very delicate site and is closed to the public for most of the time.

Our first conservation village was at the end of May 2016. 54 young people including a group of Bucks young carers, braved bad weather and made a difference.

With Young Roots Professional Artist, Dan Wilson, our young people created the project’s largest art boards that now cheer passersby in a previously graffiti ridden railway bridge. Conservation activities included cutting down scrub on a bank to create habitat for mining bees, preparing the ground and planting wildflower plugs and riverfly sampling. Will Shaw from the Crown, Sydenham was chef for the day ably supported by our young people sous chef team and our first film was made.

‘I’ve enjoyed learning new things.  If you don’t enjoy learning new things, what’s the point in living?’  Tom‘

River Safari May 2017

A year later we had a river safari theme giving our fifty plus young rootsers the opportunity to explore the wildlife that lives in and around Funges Meadow. Young people were inspired to look closely using their phones and cameras. We were lucky to have entomologist, Martin Harvey to help us identify the array of insects that make Funges Meadow their home. Young carpenters made amazing balsa go pro boats and set them off down the river.

December 2017

The Funges Bridge was undergoing repairs. When the repairs were completed in December 2017 Paul and Dan revisited and put up the five giant eight foot by four foot boards.

‘It’s great to walk past the art every day, thanks.’ Laurie Christie (Local resident commenting on Facebook)

As well as the main funders, we are also thankful to Marsh and Micklefield Big Local and Rivers and Wetlands Community Days who also supported these Trail Site days.

One of the aims of the project was to get younger and older people working and having fun together. Keep an eye out on the events page on our website for further activities.