Thames Water River Project Update January 2021

by | Jan 19, 2021 |

Thanks to Thames Water’s continued funding, we have been felling and chipping at Kingsmead Park, to improve light conditions, the chippings have been spread onto paths that have been suffering with the high visitor usage and we have been re-mulching native hedgerow that we planted earlier in the project.  As we are in the third lockdown, sadly we are unable to take out volunteers for the time-being, but we are still making a good impact on the river restoration with lots of the public really appreciating what we are doing as they pass on their daily exercise.  
We are continuing the river restoration work at Wye Dene and the first 100m section is very nearly complete.  Three rangers and Allen Beechey (Chiltern Chalk Streams Officer) built a large berm, installed 2 tree sweepers and a deflector by using all the woody materials as a result of the thinning and coppicing.

Wye Dene Berm and Deflector Area Before

Wye Dene Berm and Deflector Area nearly completed

Wye Dene Thinning for Light and Woody Materials before

Wye Dene Thinning for Light and Woody Materials after

River Section before

Tree sweeper