Penn wood ancient woodland restoration

by | Sep 16, 2019 |

We have been working with the Woodland Trust and volunteers from the local community in an ancient woodland restoration project at Penn Wood.

Our inspirational Conservation Volunteers have helped to remove invasive plants (Laurel and Rhododendron) which will enable the woodland to spring into life after winter. We removed Rhododendron which was smothering a pond and then created a few scallops and bays along a path to encourage more flora and fauna such as butterflies.

We preserved the Sallow (shrubby willows) in the hope of encouraging the stunning Purple Emperor butterfly, fingers crossed. See how rewarding this work is by joining us and the Woodland Trust in our aim to preserve and enhance the veteran beech trees, heather, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, bats and much more in the Chilterns!

Volunteers of all ages from Chesham based SPACE, joined us for a session in Penn Woods during February half term 2016

Over the last couple of years volunteers have worked in the woods with the Woodland Trust during the Penn Beer Fest which is a great combination of physical work with a rewarding beer at the end of it!

Working with SPACE
Fly Agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria)

Join us on one of our bat walks when we listen in to their high pitched calls with special bat listening devices that can decipher which species of bat are around.  These are fun evenings for all the family to enjoy and you might even see a deer, fox or owl.  Keep an eye on our Eventbrite for these events or email for further information.