The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the inequalities in our community in Bucks and especially in High Wycombe.

 We feel that we have to play our part to help, so we have formed a partnership with our amazing local food bank One Can Trust. They have helped and continue to help so many people and families in these challenging times.

One of the ways we work with One Can Trust is to incorporate them as a beneficiary of our Be a Ranger Days with companies of all sizes.

We invite all organisations who work with us on Be a Ranger sessions to bring a donation of a couple of items per person for One Can Trust.  Here’s a link to their website

If you are coming on one of our Be a Ranger Days, have a look to see the most needed supplies of the week so we can maximise the impact we have.  Our initial aim is to collect 900 cans in 2022/23.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support.