Funges habitats and wildlife

by | Oct 21, 2019 |

Wildlife In The Area

Funges Meadow has a fascinating variety of wildlife due to its great diversity of habitats.  Wading herons make use of the tranquility of the site to stalk their prey of fish and amphibians in the shallows. The blue and orange dart of the kingfisher in flight is preceded by its shrill call. Muntjac deer use the pond as a favourite watering hole and badgers disturb the grass areas looking for an evening snack.

Marsh woundwort, purple and yellow loosestrife all form colourful groups around the margins of the pond, while bird’s-foot trefoil thrives amongst the shorter grasses.

Diversity of habitats

Shrub species such as blackthorn, hawthorn and hazel together with bramble provide perfect nesting sites for all kinds of finches and warblers that include the chaffinch and garden warbler.

We collect mounds of freshly cut grass to provide over wintering and breeding opportunities for grass snakes that thrive in this habitat, making the most of the numerous frogs that find their way on to the menu!

The pond provides the habitat for numerous larval stages of flies that include mayflies, damselflies and dragonflies. Amongst the plethora of other freshwater invertebrates in recent years, both water stick insect and water scorpion have turned up on some pond-dipping sessions.

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