Ellesborough Golf Club – July 2019

by | Nov 18, 2019 |

Chiltern Rangers took a trip to a rather unusual site in July – Ellesborough Golf Club! No, it wasn’t for a round of golf or to practice our swings, rather it was the first of many work parties delivering on the Chalk, Cherries and Chairs project, an exciting and rather large five-year project being coordinated by the Chiltern Conservation Board. Chiltern Rangers are excited to announce that we will be one of the delivering bodies on Chalk, Cherries and Chairs and we started delivering by helping our new friends at Ellesborough Golf Club. Ellesborough were keen to turn a thistle-dominated patch of rough into a more chalk-grassland wildflower-friendly patch, so our dream team of volunteers headed out to get to work. Armed with three brush cutters, eight rakes, several bulk bags and bucket loads of enthusiasm, we gave Ellesborough a thistle and hawkbit haircut, while leaving some wild marjoram, field scabious, knapweed, yarrow and St. John’s wort to encourage a little more diversity of wildflowers. There’s going to be a lot more work going on in the Chilterns so watch out for further updates and more info on Chalk, Cherries and Chairs coming soon. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait and want to come out and play in the fantastic rolling landscapes of the outstanding national beauty that is the Chilterns, don’t hesitate – the Chilterns Countryside needs you, come and get involved!