It has been proven that getting outside into green spaces such as fields and woodlands is hugely beneficial to our mental and physical health.  Your business can offer this to your staff at the same time as helping the environment by taking part in one of our corporate team building days.   We offer sessions in the woodlands, nature reserves and rivers depending on the time of year and requirements.  Participants might find themselves cutting down scrub, planting trees, clearing footpaths or many other tasks, all in order to preserve our wonderful local fauna and flora. 

Find out:

  • Why it is not always right to plant trees in certain locations?
  • Why is can be OK to have a bonfire?
  • Why we might slightly change the course of a river?

The rangers make the team building days fun and informative.  For further details see our Corporate team building page on this website.

Contact us to sign up to one of our sessions to improve the health and happiness of your staff at work and at home.