Community Board projects

by | Feb 3, 2021 |

The Bucks Council Community Boards replaced the Local Area Forums in April 2020.  We have been funded for the following projects through the Community Boards working with the local community to improve the natural environment of the Chilterns:

Amersham Community Board

Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye Community Board

Chesham and Villages Community Board

High Wycombe Community Board

North West Chilterns Community Board

South West Chilterns Community Board

Thank you from Nick Bowles – Chairman, Upper Thames branch Butterfly Conservation (March 2021)

“Just to say that we are immensely grateful to the Chiltern Ranger team for the work at Deanfield, Saunderton (three events), Small Dean Lane, Strawberry Bank, and Upper Wardrobes after the lockdown was declared and we were instructed that our volunteers must be told to stay at home.

Having no volunteers out to do essential conservation work has badly affected several reserves in N. Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and Berkshire, where we normally work, partly through a much reduced programme of work throughout 2020; culminating in none at all during this winter, when we had hoped to redress the failure to act sooner. Our being told not to attend at those sites means that the usual control of scrub and planting of plug plants is postponed until autumn 2021 at the earliest and we anxiously await the results of summer surveys of biodiversity in case there are obvious negative impacts.

We consider ourselves very lucky that you managed to continue and to work so very effectively across the Chilterns, despite the rules preventing you having volunteer labour. It is also absolutely great that the various primary schools you work with trusted you sufficiently to continue to send groups of schoolchildren out to work with you and I hope to see them and the Rangers, next week; when I deliver the cowslips for planting into the scrub cleared areas at Upper Wardrobes and to Deanfield. It will be interesting to compare survey results for the coming season between the sites where Chiltern Rangers continued to work with sites which were volunteer only and nothing happened. Of course, the damage done by a missed winter season of conservation work could well play out over more than one year.”