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25th March 2020

Dear Customer/Community partner/Funder/Friend.

Chiltern Rangers Initial Furlough Arrangements from 1st April 2020

We at Chiltern Rangers hope that this letter finds you well and safe.
As directors we are currently undertaking measures to ensure that Chiltern Rangers survives as a Social Enterprise through the Corona virus pandemic. To enable us to navigate the next few months and be in the best shape on the other side, we all adapting and changing all aspects of life including work.

Much of our business is based around community engagement and conservation projects and these are not possible and are postponed for the time being this includes Be a Ranger days.
Therefore, having gone through a formal consultation process, a number of our team are going to be placed on Furlough leave with 80% of their wages funded by the government the balance by the company. We always say we believe in our staff now is the time to honour that and we will do so for as long as possible.
We expect this to be initially for 2 months beginning on the 1st April 2020 when Paul Stack, Alex Harley, Dan Andrew, Francesca Dearden, Kate Eakins and John Taylor will be going on Furlough. They will therefore be unable to do any work for Chiltern Rangers or paid work for anyone else during this time. So please do not contact them throughout this period.

For the time-being John Shaw, Tony Speight, Steph Rodgers and Leila Ashraf-Carr will continue to work mainly from home. Those local to High Wycombe (whilst taking their daily exercise in line with government guidance) may see Steph in a Chiltern Rangers truck or carrying out site visits to our Wycombe District Council sites. She will be ensuring that these sites continue to be safe and assessing the work that needs to be done once we are fully operational again.

Please contact the team members who are continuing to work directly or through should you need to, but please accept our apologies in advance if the response times are not as quick as usual.

As you know we are living through rapidly changing times and we will continue to review and adapt to ongoing government edict and advice and will contact you as and when is necessary.

These steps will enable us to retain our highly valued and skilled team.  We very much look forward to getting the whole team back on board and to working with you, our volunteers, customers and community partners again when it is the right time. 

Kind regards

John Shaw