Bucks Goat Centre April 2021

Rangers Paul and John Shaw, Ranger Artist Dan Wilson and Chiltern Ranger Volunteer Karina were helped by a team of young people and staff from Aylesbury Youth Concern, Goat Centre Staff and some visiting children and families who decided to help us for a while as part of their visit. 11 young people and 16 adults gave over 70 hours of their time to make this project happen. 

Justin’s garden has now been transformed, it was lovely to see visitors being drawn into the garden with lots of butterfly and moth friendly planting- Holly and Ivy for the Holly Blue, Nasturtiums to attract large and small whites, Fuschia for the Elephant Hawkmoth, mini wildflower seed patches, nettle patches for our nettle loving butterflies etc etc!  Stepping stones revealed for children to jump about on, log habitat piles and extra seating areas, painting sheds and walls etc, all framed by Dan’s giant butterfly murals. We would love to see lots of people re-wilding patches of their gardens/window boxes in a similar way as we work together to Keep Bucks Buzzing.

Scroll through the photos below to see the before and after photos.

We are thankful to the the Heart of Bucks Green Community Fund. the Rothschild Foundation and Bucks NEP for helping to fund this project and to volunteer Sue Louttit gave us over 70 plants that she had grown for us over the lockdown months.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering and being part of the team in building these special garden projects or looking after them afterwards.