Booker Common – Woodland Access project

by | Sep 16, 2019 |


  • To improve accessibility and encourage visitors to make the most of what Booker common has to offer.
  • To increase the woodland biodiversity.

The Booker Common Woods Protection Society (BCWPS) has worked with us since we first setup Chiltern Rangers. The most significant project began in 2013 when a local benefactor made funding available to enhance the accessibility and biodiversity of Booker Common.  Society members in consultation with the land owner, Sir Edward Dashwood, Rachel Sanderson from the Chilterns Commons Project and Chiltern Rangers formulated a plan to use the funds to create a figure of eight path through Booker woods, a Woodland Walk.

We work with groups of local residents, students, businessmen and others who are all keen to contribute to the local environment which helps to stretch the funds as much as possible.

Shrubs, bushes and trees have been cut back to widen the path and allow light in to promote the growth of smaller plants and the invertebrates they support.  In turn these are fed on by birds and bats thereby increasing biodiversity.  The trees are chipped and the chips are used to improve the surface of the paths. Information boards and signposts have been erected to mark the route.

We are keen to work with as many groups as possible on this project.  Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

See the testimonial from Brian Tranter who is the Chairman of BCWPS below.

Chiltern Rangers are always available to provide expert advice and guidance to the society and in particular to the committee.  Invaluable support that helps us to ensure that we are doing the right thing for the environment we want to protect. Brian Tranter