‘Be A Ranger Day’ with Origin  – July 2021

Local company, Origin, wanted to give something back to their community and joined us on a ‘Be a Ranger for a Day’ session at Kingsmead in July. 

It was an inauspicious weather forecast but they gamefully worked through the pouring rain and even managed to smile at times!  The task was to clean up the river and cut the undergrowth under the new hedge plants.

“Working with Chiltern Rangers has given us the opportunity to learn about the importance of natural sites and their conservation, in a way which is engaging and highly enjoyable, and has provided an excellence chance for team-building activities (especially during a time of many restrictions, where outdoor working has helped keep spirits up and people connected).

The Rangers are friendly, helpful, and their passion for what they do shows in every activity undertaken. Each experience is fun, informative and has created a real feeling of enthusiasm among staff – from educational walking tours to litter-picking in rivers, and future tree planting plans.

Collaborating with Chiltern Rangers is incredibly rewarding, as we’re able to make tangible improvements in our wider community, support local biodiversity, and make positive impacts which are good for both people and the planet alike.”

Sam Wright, Environmental Officer