Almshouses High Wycombe 2019-2021

This summer, despite its challenges, has seen us continue our wildlife garden creation at Chichester Close and the Almshouses in High Wycombe. We have transformed this place into an urban wildlife paradise – whilst also making it even nicer for the residents. Small teams of volunteers helped us to make mini meadows by raking out the thatch and then planting pollinator friendly plants, native shrubs and two dwarf cherry trees. We put up bat boxes and a huge variety of bird boxes including swift boxes, house sparrow terrace and blue tit boxes, house martin cups and open fronted boxes for wrens or robins.

The work started in November 2019 – see photos below of the beginning of this rewarding project and how it progressed to summer 2021.

Work parties were out during the summer of 2020 with limited numbers of volunteers due to coronavirus restrictions.  Pyramidal orchids, common blue butterflies and bats were seen once the mowers stopped cutting off the wildflowers.
Mown verge preventing the growth of wildflowers
Verge now left unmown for wild flowers to thrive
Almshouses Sparrow Terrace
Almshouses bat & Swift boxes

Thanks to @BucksNEP #BucksBuzzing we have also sowed more wild flowers and some yellow rattle supplied by Seedball.  See some of the wildlife friendly plants we planted and the wild flower meadow below.

We worked in partnership with Red Kite Housing who provided funding for us to plant a 40 metre native hedgerow at Chichester Close.  Thank you to them and also to Paul Turner, manager of the Almshouses, and the fantastic volunteers who have helped us to achieve this transformation.  We look forward to developing the space further in 2021.

Spring and Summer 2021 saw volunteers helping us to put up bat and bird boxes plus some wonderful art by local artist Dan Wilson.   You can see the sparrow and swift boxes on the wall of the house below.
Scroll through the gallery to see the effect of our work below.
Many thanks to our funders and partners for making this project happen.  Buckinghamshire Council High Wycombe Community Board, Heart of Bucks, Bucks UTC and Bucks NEP – Bucks Buzzing.