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Inspiring and Enriching Communities

Chiltern Rangers

Enhancing Local Environments

Chiltern Rangers

Inspiring and Enriching Communities

Chiltern Rangers

Enhancing Local Environments

Corporate Team building – Chiltern Rangers knows how

‘Be a Ranger for a Day’ team building sessions

Businesses like yours can make a real difference to the environment by working at one of the many fantastic nature reserves across The Chilterns.  Join our expert rangers who have over 30 years experience in conservation and over 5 years expertise in running outdoor team building sessions.  Not only enjoy the Chilterns’ countryside and its fascinating wildlife, but also a day of exercise, fresh air, and for many, a life-enhancing experience.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Be a Ranger day activities

We can help teams from 6 to over 40 with opportunities all year round.
Your chance to give back – get hands-on with a range of tasks and create homes for birds, butterflies and wildflowers. You can choose to help a specific site, habitat type or even ‘help butterflies’ – let us know and we can make it happen with you. Or have a go at improving community visitor facilities by building a bench, installing steps or clearing paths to name a few.
You will get your hands dirty in our chalk grasslands, woodlands, ponds, chalk streams and more, but it is great fun, don’t just take our word for it!

We now include a Blue Rock bamboo toothbrush in our Be a Ranger bags as we help signpost people towards eco friendly non plastic lifestyle solutions.

Click on the videos below to see one of our sessions in action.

Best part was being outside instead of in the office and feeling that I’m helping someone.

Fab session, loved it. Hard work but super satisfying.

Janssen 2019

Rangers are knowledgeable and passionate and l feel like I’ve learned a lot and got inspired as well. Great people doing a great job.

Shanly Homes 2018

Shifting 12 tonnes of gravel in a few hours might sound like a daunting task, but Chiltern Rangers managed to turn it into a great day out for our team.  A truly positive experience all around; helping the environment, a good workout and great fun – a perfect combo!

Cairngorm Capital 2018

Please download the Be a Ranger for a Day leaflet or contact us for more information.

Community volunteer sessions and Sponsorship

Chiltern Rangers is a not-for-profit organisation and we heavily rely on sponsorship and donations to run our business. We offer a number of different opportunities in which you can support us, including event sponsorship and partnering with us as an environmental organisation which should benefit your CSR policy significantly. We then promote your company on social media and our website. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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