Species of the Month – Primrose

‘Welcome, pale Primrose!’ exclaimed John Clare in his ‘Rural Poems’ and there can be few more heart-warming sights than this herald of the returning Spring. With their subtly-beautiful pale yellow flowers with orange-custard centres, Primroses have an almost ethereal presence as they shine gently from hedgerows and amongst woodland leaves as nature unfurls itself in the gradually warming days.

John’s winter blog

We have, since our spin out in 2013, been putting in a great deal of effort time and funding to improving this urban oasis into a nature reserve our town can be proud of. Created by Frances Alexander during her time as town mayor in 1998/99, it’s small at just 2 acres but it packs a mighty wildlife punch especially when you consider it is only a mile from the town centre.

Species of the Month – Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe

There is an old legend that Holly first sprang up under the footsteps of Jesus with scarlet berries like drops of blood and the leaves like a crown of thorns – in Northern Europe it is known as Holy Tree or Christ’s Thorn. An early Chiltern name for Holly is Christmas Tree, which may have given Christmas Common its name.