Launch of new woodland art trail in Gomms Wood

We had a fantastic day in Gomms Wood at the weekend.  We launched the new art trail and enjoyed talked to residents about future projects in the area.  If you have any views or ideas please contact John Taylor

Winter Newsletter

Take a look at our extended Newsletter to end a busy year for us! There are articles from some of our Award Winning Volunteers. We hope you enjoy reading and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Catch up with the Rangers in our Autumn Newsletter. See what Ranger Rodgers has been getting up to on Mega Mondays and what Ranger Paul is teaching at Forest School!

Book of the Month – June 2017

Book of the Month – Linescapes: Hugh Warwick A challenging and wonderfully engaging book about linear features and connectivity that may change the way that we look at our landscape. Hugh Warwick takes a journey along lines that were created to separate or enclose...

Species of of the Month June 2017- Orchids

Species of the Month – Orchids       Suggestive of the beautiful, mysterious and exotic, the Orchidaceae family contains at least 26,000 species worldwide. In Britain and Ireland there are 56 species of native wild orchid ranging from the frequently seen Common...