Chiltern Rangers

Inspiring and Enriching Communities

Chiltern Rangers

Enhancing Local Environments

Chiltern Rangers

Inspiring and Enriching Communities

Chiltern Rangers

Enhancing Local Environments

Community Partners

The community is at the heart of our company and we value our community partners.

Everything we do is aimed at improving the lives of local people and their environment. We invest back into our community in a variety of ways and to help us to achieve our aims Chiltern Rangers is working with a number of partnership organisations. If you would like to partner with us and share our values please visit the Contact Us page and send us a message.

District councils – Wycombe District Council

Our primary contract from 2013 is a 5 year management agreement for 13 sites owned by Wycomb25174710120_c07c9444c5_ke District Council. The majority of these sites are urban woodlands with many of the typical problems that come from being so close to residential and light industrial areas including: fly-tipping, vandalism, illegal use by motorbikes and fire lighting/arson.

We have reduced these problems through positive management such as thinning, coppicing, litter clearance and strategic positioning of fencing and gates. Whenever possible, we maximise community involvement and education in a number of ways such as Green Thursday and Green Monday Conservation Volunteers, practical events e.g. with scout troops and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sessions for businesses.

We work to a detailed management plan for each site.  From a Health & Safety perspective we include maintenance of the infrastructure e.g. benches and signs thereby ensuring the safety of those that use the sites for recreational purposes.  Tree surveys take place to identify potential problems and consequently these are rectified where possible.

See what we have achieved

15781375713_16001caf0a_kAs a result of our efforts the sites have been opened up and, together with the increased light, has made them more inviting places to walk.  Footpaths have also been widened, leveled, and way-marked, and often wood chip from our forestry operations are laid on the paths to make the chalky paths less slippery. Steps and kissing gates have been installed to increase access, which has not only improved the sites for local people but also the wildlife that make the woodlands their home. Surveying and monitoring are key ways to keep an eye on the woods. This ranges from the health of trees, to the populations of key indicator species such as butterflies, birds and bats.  See photo of work party at Carver Hill on left.

Our work is monitored by working closely with The Forestry Commission via Woodland Grant Schemes, and every 5 years, an independent ecological review is undertaken of each Local Nature Reserve (LNR) to assess the site against its management plan objectives.

Parish Councils –  Chalfont St Peter parish council15616618666_848812bbec_b

Working with Chalfont St Peter Parish Council, we have provided strategic advice, written management plans and action plans and provided on-going support and advice to several parish councils.  We also help deliver practical work on their sites in conjunction with their staff and local groups.



Chiltern Rangers have helped us to create and implement a new Commons Management Plan. They have been there every step of the way to help with searching for sources of funding, engagement with the community and other stakeholders as well as volunteer involvement.

They are a highly knowledgeable team of very passionate individuals who clearly love what they do and can impart that enthusiasm to anyone with the slightest interest in the natural world.

Mike Stevens - Chalfont St Peter Parish Council

County Councils – Bucks County Council

Local Area Forum (LAF) youth projects

Thanks to funding from Bucks County Council we are engaging with youth organisations to get young people involved in practical and physical activities plus it helps us manage and improve local woodlands and nature reserves within the following LAF areas:

  • SW Chilterns and Marlow
  • NW Chilterns
  • Chepping Wye
  • High Wycombe
  • Amersham
  • Chesham and villages
  • Beeches
  • The Chalfonts

We are grateful to the many local youth organisations who have taken part including several scout groups, RAF Naphill, Great Marlow School, Hazlemere youth Club, Out of the Dark, Action 4 Youth, National Citizen Service and more.


  1. To engage local (to each LAF) young people in physical, practical sessions.
  2. To run conservation sessions in the following Local Area Forum areas partnering with youth organisations.

These sessions have multiple benefits:

Young people

  • Positive use of time
  • Social activity
  • Physical activity
  • Good for well-being
  • Learn Practical skills
  • Improve employability skills e.g. teamwork & communication


  • Well-managed Green spaces (including nature reserves and woodlands) increase the value of an area and deliver a range of ecosystem services as well as being of inherent value.
  • Green Spaces which are more accessible and safer.

If you are involved in any organisation which helps youth projects please get in touch to see how we can collaborate.

The Environment

  • This project results in managed natural green spaces = more light = more plants = more wildlife – we are improving the woodland food chain from the base up!
  • These key stepping stone sites can adapt better to 21st century challenges and are more resilient to climate change.

Youth Group

The youth organisations also benefit from a small unrestricted grant as part of this project to help make them more sustainable.

Woodland trust logo

The Woodland Trust

Chiltern Rangers have been working with the Woodland Trust for a number of years.  We hold the same ethos about the value of our ancient woodlands and the need to restore native trees which enhances the woodland habitat for a greater diversity of wildlife to thrive.  A number of local organisations such as local youth groups have also worked with us and the Woodland Trust on the woodland restoration programme.

See our projects page Penn wood ancient woodland restoration.

Marsh and Micklefield Big Local partnership

Click on The Friends of Micklefield Woods to see this project

Big Lottery logo

Butterfly Conservation partnership – Holtspur Bottom Nature Reserve

Have a look at the Holtspur Bottom Nature Reserve website.

Marbled-White-5-600x448Over the last few years the teams of volunteers provided to work with us and maintain our reserve at Holtspur near Beaconsfield have been extremely useful and surprisingly hard working. This is in large part, down to the leaders provided by the Chiltern Rangers (previously known as the WDC Woodland Service) who understood the work to be done and the abilities and strengths of the individuals that they brought to our site.

We were sufficiently impressed by the all round good management and willing endeavour of the group that we asked John Shaw and his team to take on the annual maintenance contract at the Holtspur Valley Reserve.

Nick Bowles from Butterfly Conservation

The Third Sector

Are you working in the third sector?  We understand the strain on staff to get the work done but we might be able to help.

We have a pool of regular volunteers and links to other groups that could help you out. Not only do we provide trained volunteers but skilled and experienced personnel who can use equipment e.g. brush cutters, flails, mowers, chippers and chainsaws.

Funding for volunteer input can often be part of any match-funding from grant funders. We are happy to discuss funding opportunities if you wish. See our Pro bono page for further information or please contact us.

See Contacts page for policy documents